Starting from scratch (Lessandro Legard & Rebecca Mulciber)

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Starting from scratch (Lessandro Legard & Rebecca Mulciber)

Post by Rebecca Mulciber on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:43 pm

Finally it was first year. Rebecca Mulciber had been waiting for what felt like years. She was turning eleven in eleven days and she was excited she was finally making it to Hogwarts. The Sage family had been telling her about the school for a few years. Even Draco Malfoy and Lessandro Legard seemed to be looking forward to it and they weren't always so excite-able. It was school after all. Rebecca just wanted to be in Slytherin like her birth father and the rest of her family. The Sage's had adopted her after the aurors had taken her father to Azkaban when she was just a little older than 1.

As she followed the half giant into the school she looked around in awe. She clutched Lessandro and Draco's arms. "Look the stairs move," she said in a small voice. She let go of their arms as Draco shook her off and followed the witch who greeted them into the Great Hall after Draco said his piece with Potter. She walked into the Great Hall and looked up at the ceiling as the Muggleborn girl with the frilly hair talked about it being enchanted. She already knew the information and pushed up to the front until they were stopped in front of the hall by a stool with a raggety hat. "That's the sorting hat," she murmured to one of the other first years.

As Professor McGonagall started calling names her ears perked up. A bunch of students got sorted and than it was Lessandro's turn. She cheered as he was sorted into Slytherin. When it was Draco's turn the hat hardly touched his head and she was cheering as he was sorted into Slytherin as well. 

And than it was her turn. She stepped forward nervously. As Kimm Devitt waved to her it made her relax. She smiled over at her and waved at the second or third year Slytherin. Than she took her seat on the stool. The hat was placed on her head. "Where oh where should I put you. You're definitely brave. But there's a darkness inside of you. Better be SLYTHERIN," the Sorting Hat called. Rebecca was so relieved. She tossed the hat at the Professor ignoring the glances from her surname and the house and ran over to join the Slytherins. She sat between Kimm and Lessandro. Draco already had Crabbe and Goyle flanking his sides. "Slytherin. Where we're all meant to be. We better owl our families," she said cheerfully. As Dumbledore spoke she listened but than it was time for the feast and Rebecca grinned. She started to pile on her food onto her plate laughing as Kimm teased her about the amount of food she could eat.

 (Picture this being young first year Becky)
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