Tortured and bruised (The Dark Lord; Rebecca - eventually- and Tom Mulciber)

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Tortured and bruised (The Dark Lord; Rebecca - eventually- and Tom Mulciber)

Post by Tom Mulciber on Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:15 pm

Tom Mulciber had only been gone from Azkaban for a week. He'd been living in his old manor with his daughter whom he'd forced to move in with Jeremy Knight and himself. Jeremy hadn't yet gotten his Dark Mark but he worked for the Dark Lord's Death Eaters. Tom lived in a secret room inside the manor in case the Ministry came looking for him. He'd gotten a wand and he'd made some changes to his wardrobe and his hair. He looked vicious yet in style. He'd been away in  Azkaban for so long he found himself fitting the smaller space.

There was a meeting to be had. Tom apparated into Lucius Malfoy's manor. He stalked right into the dining hall and stopped in front of the Dark Lord with a bow. "My Lord," Tom greeted with high respect for his master. He knelt before him and waited to be allowed to stand.

Once he was given permission to rise he took a seat before the Dark Lord. "My lord. It has come to my attention that my daughter has received the honor of a Dark Mark. What will you have her do?" he asked showing no concern for his daughter and only greed over wanting her to succeed and rise in power amongst the group.
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