Getting paid to catch Evil (OPEN)

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Getting paid to catch Evil (OPEN)

Post by Ardric Sage on Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:24 pm

Ardric Sage had only been working at the Ministry for just a little over a year. He was an Auror. He found his job extremely fun as he got to catch the same guys he fought against in the war. The only down side of that was that his adoptive sister was a known Death Eater and he couldn't exactly take her down. His father had said he would hurt Ardric if he ever did put her away and he had let his own father be taken to Azkaban. He'd just gotten out and Ardric hadn't seen him yet.

Working at the Ministry was supposed to be like any other day. He went in to see chaos all around him. Crowds surrounded him and he watched his surroundings like a hawk as he disappeared into the crowd heading towards his office. "Sage?" he heard his name questioned and turned around. "Your father. He's already attacked a known blood traitor to the Death Eaters. He sounded drunk," the woman said. "Great. Thanks. Have my mother or my sister come for him?" he asked not really wanting to deal with his father alone right now. He still hated his parents and his adoptive sister for lying to him about who they were. The woman nodded and he walked into his office.

He'd only sat down for a minute when he heard a knock.
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