Ministry of Mischief Rules.

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Ministry of Mischief Rules.

Post by ADMIN JACK on Mon Mar 24, 2014 1:10 am

Concerning Harry Potter & the Ministry of Mischief...

*The Ministry of Mischief is an RPG/Graphic Design/Fanfiction Board. All our threads and topics In Character must take place in the Wizarding or Muggle World created by our dear JKR. Our very capable Staff and Administrators, unlike most RPG sites, encourage you to take the Character and Creator interaction further than in any other place. Your character most certainly can be the center of your Fanfictions, Graphic Designs, Debates and even take part in Crossovers within the OOC sections. Ministry of Mischief does not attach firmly to the movies, therefore some of our minor Canons may not even be played by the same actors than in the series distributed by Warner Bros.

About Roleplaying & Posting...

*Ministry of Mischief is a 17+ Roleplay Board, so we respect R 18+ Plots and Threads, as long as our members notificate the existance of said topics or threads, at which point, it will only be accessible to the characters in the thread or topic solicited as R 18+. We strictly forbid any sort of mature content exposure to a member in the boards under 17 years old. This sort of behavior will be reported and the underaged member will be banned from the RPG sections.

*Our boards have a zero tolerance policy on Internet Bullying or Harassment. Any Member found or reported doing any of the previously mentioned activities will be banned Immediately from Ministry of Mischief, with no exceptions. Being a part of our forums means you cannot insult anyone because of their physical appearance, personality or emotional state. Ministry of Mischief does not tolerate gender or religious discrimination, racist coments, homophobia, xenophobia or elitism. Political topics must take place in the OOC section under strict monitoring and each member must respectfully adress one another in the matter. Because religion may be different for each individual, Ministry of Mischief forbids users to engage in theological debates of any sort in hopes of avoiding future conflicts between our members.

*Posting must be organized and understandble in all Roleplaying areas, please avoid the use of smilies or abbreviations/slangs such as OMG, LMAO. We do not frown upon short posts but we do encourage you to reply according to your fellows with at least two paragraphs. If you are new or inexperienced in Roleplay, we can provide a tutor or writing course for you, which can improve greatly your RPG skills. As a Member, you have a large variety of tools in our boards like Character Story Workshops, Adoption Sevices, Graphic Stores and a Short Tale Tournament. Remember to use them once in a while.  

*GodModding is not permitted and will result in deletion of the thread containing an action or situation without a respective member's permission and previous announcement. So you may not kill, hurt or steal from a Character without the Creator's permission. Your character can't also be indestructible, omnipresent, undefeatable, perfect or emotionless. If you wish to delete a character contact our staff in Thread & Character Control.

About Character Copyrights...


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